Lost in the HQs

Lost in the HQs

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thing 4: Current awareness - Twitter, RSS and Storify

I have been using twitter on and off for the past year or so.  Initially I used twitter for personal purposes, mostly to 'follow' musicians I liked.  When I started doing CPD23 I set myself up a new twitter.  I use it to follow librarians and also political pundits I am interested in.  I'm trying to increase my use of twitter, but sometimes find it a bit overwhelming! I think I should make more use of lists as I have trouble keeping up with the number of people I follow.

I use RSS feeds through Google reader.  I have added a number of blogs that I am interested in keeping up to date with.  However I confess I have yet to get in the habit of reading the aggregated feed.  Instead I tend to see when someone has posted a new post through Twitter and read it this way.

I had heard of Storify but not used it before.  I'm not quite sure whether I would use it day to day, but  could be useful if I attend a conference or seminar.

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